Biography and more! 

 Claes van der Star , born May 30, 1990 in Leiderdorp , Zuid-Holland .
 Living in Den Oever , North Holland,
 In Daily Live he's working as a Caregiver  for the disabled at ' s Heeren Loo.

 In addition, a country singer Claes focused on the different styles in country music , now he's known by a lot of countrymusic listeners in the Netherlands. And he has already built up quite a fan club . Many hearts he conquers his warm personality and enthusiastic attitude . He's ready to go abroad!


How his passion for country music was born ...

 From his 11th does Claes Country Line Dance ,
 By Line dancing , he became more and more a fan of country music , when he began to listen to music by Johnny Cash how ironic after his death , he was sure, that he also would like to sing!

 In 2007 he came into contact with John Selby ( ) and Frans Zegers ( In Memoriam September 17, 2011 ) .
He learned the tricks , and he stood on the podium for the first time in public at Medemblik Truck Festival 2008!
Now follows Claes singinglessons by Martine Wolkers ( ) in Schagen, The Netherlands.

 Meanwhile, he has already seen several podiums next Truck Festival Medemblik : Wieringerwerf on Wheels , Country & Roots Festival Engbergen , Open Stage Palazzo Country Club in Gravesend , 2nd Country Outdoor Festival in Farmsum , Thorn Western Festival and R & G Festival Wagenborgen and many more , which some a recurring agenda has become .

 Since July 2013 Claes works with the record label Westwood Int . Rec . from Nashville . One of his greatest dreams came true !

Country Music Is not That silly anymore!

 Country Music is something that always comes back though it is mentioned under the name Pop and / or easy listening . (Pop is short for popular) . The contemporary music is getting more acoustic , so back to the basics ... Guitar, drums , violin , piano , steel guitar , harmonica , accordion ... in other words the instruments certainly in country music can be found . That gives Claes the drive to continue promoting this Great kind of music!

 When the road seems so long ... then I will sing you a song ...

It is undeniable that country music contains lyrics that everyone can relate to. In For the lonely trucker on his way home after a long drive in the dark . Or the hard worker on the land where time is ticking so slowly . The operator of a job from 9 to 5 ... What could be finer while working , but also when life seems so unfair to get the music that gives you a lot of energy? During the singing of his repertoire Claes would like to see people laugh , and that they forget their worries ( for awhile ) .

 Country music is for everyone .




September 2012 took place the release of the debut album by Claes .


 1. Living in fast forward
  2. All my friends say
  3. Be my baby tonight
  4. We'll burn that bridge
  5 . Write this down
  6. Border Reiver
  7. Pride and Joy
  8. Chattahoochie
  9. A little less talk and a lot more action
10. I'm from the country

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Below you will find a large part of the repertoire of Claes , accompanied by the most famous Line Dancing,

The Step Sheets can be found at .
 Of course you can always improvise something to dance to the music of Claes
 Have a suggestion which can dance to the songs?
 I like to hear it from you:



   Alan   Jackson   
  Chattahoochee   (CD)      
   Brooks   & Dunn   
  Beer   Thirty      
  Wrong   5   O'Clock   
   Steve   Holy   
  Brand   New   Girlfriend   
  Brand   New   Girlfriend   
   George   Strait   
  Adalida   /   Cajun Queen / Chickenboogie   
   Travis   Tritt   
  Country   Club      
  Zydeco   Lady   / Country Club / Louie   
   Tracy   Byrd   
  I'm   From   The Country (CD)   
  Heartdrop   /   I'm From The Country / Country Walk   
  Kenny   Chesney    
  Living   In   Fast Forward (CD)   
  Fast   Forward   of Fast Living / momentum / Rewind Real Slow   
  Montgomery   Gentry   
  AII   Night   Long   
  Night   Time   Rock   
   Kenny   Chesney    
  She   Thinks   My Tractor's Sexy   
  Sexy   Tractor      
   Kenny   Chesney   
  No   Shoes,   No Shirt, No Problems   
  No   Problems   / Half Nekkid   
  Rodney Atkins      
  If   Youre   Going Through Hell   
  Before   The   Devil   
  Rhett Atkins   
  Driving   My   Lifie Away   
  Line Skip   
  The Mavericks      
   Alan   Jackson       
  Good Time   
  Good Time   
  Little Texas   
  Kick   A   Little   
  Kick It   of   Kicking Country   
   Mark   Chestnut   
  It's   not   over if I'm not over you   
  Waltz   In   Line   
  Alan   Jackson      
  Tall   Tall   Trees   
  Tall   Tall   Trees   
  Dwight   Yoakam      
  Guitars   Cadillacs      
  Stray   Cat   Struth / Walk   
  Alan   Jackson      
  Summertime   Blues      
  The   Express   / Six Shooter   
  Don Gibson   
  Oh   Lonesome   me   
  Oh   lonesome   me / Alone again   
  George   Strait      
  Write   this   Down (CD)   
  Baby   write   this down / gone too far / Go Jo Jo   
  Sister   Golden   Hair   
  Sister   golden   hair   
  Willie   Nelson      
  Blue   Eyes   Cryin' in the rain   
  John   Micheal   Montgomery   
  Be my   baby   tonight (CD)   
  Couldya   Wouldya   / Foot Boogie / Tush Push   
  Johnny   Cash      
  Daddy   sang   bass   
  Johnny   Cash      
  Guess   things   happen that way   
  Johnny   Cash      
  Orange   Blossom   Special   
  Travelin'   Chicago      
  Johnny   Cash      
  Ring   of   Fire   
  Ring   of   Fire / sheriff on fire   
  Johnny   Cash      
  Give   my   love to rose   
  Joe Diffie   
  Third   Rock   from the sun   
  Blue   T   Bird / Dutch twister / Texas Stomp   
  Garth   Brooks      
  To   make   you feel my Love   
  Stevie   Ray   Vaughan   
  Pride   and   Joy (CD)   
  Pride   and   Joy Boogie / Shufflit / West Coast Thang   
  John   Micheal   Montgomery   
  Honky   Tonk   Attitude   
  Derringer   /   Take it away / Tush Push / Walk the line   
  Mark   Knopfler      
  True   love   will never fade   
  Just   Beginning      
  Joe Diffie   
  Pick   up   Man   
  John   Micheal   Montgomery   
  Cowboy   Love      
  A   little   cowboy Love / Alan Rock/ Blowin with the wind /   Cowboy love   
  bob Dylan   
  Don't   think   twice it's allright   
  don't   think   twice   
  Tracy Byrd   
  Drinkin'   Bone      
  Dem   bones   / Drinkin Bone / Drinkin Bone Shuffle   
  Billy   Ray   Cyrus   
  Under   the   Hood   
  Under   the   hood   
  Mark   Knopfler      
  Border   Reiver   (CD)   
  Border   Reiver      
  Bruce   Springsteen      
  Pay me   my   money down   
  Pay me   my   money down   
  All   you   ever do is bring me down   
  The Shadow   
  Luke Bryan   
  All   my   friends say (CD)   
  Acting   Like   a Fool / Shootin Doubles   
  Neil   Diamond      
  Hello   Again      
  Lynyrd   Skynyrd      
  Call   me   the breeze   
  Call   me   the breeze   
  Travis   Tritt      
  Put   some   drive in your country   
  All   night   Cha cha / Any Justice / Country Drive / Whiskey River   
  Don   Williams      
  Tulsa Time   
  Dutchess   /   Tulsa Time   
  Alan   Jackson      
  Who's   cheatin   who   
  If   love   was a river/ the cheatin shuffle / The Woodchuck   
  Alan   Jackson      
  Where   I   come from   
  Altern8   Swing   / Double Twist / Soap Bubble bump   
  Johnny   Cash      
  Man   in   Black   
  Johnny   Cash      
  I   got   stripes   
  Johnny   Cash      
  Thing   called   love   
  Brooks   &   Dunn   
  We'll   Burn   that Bridge (CD)   
  Burn   that   bridge / Rootin Tootin Scootin   
  Toby keith   
  Little   less   talk & a lot more action (CD)   
  A lot   more   Action / Action / Damifino / Jungle Jam   
  Tracy Byrd   
  Truth   about   men   
  52 Times   /   Ain't Sorry / The truth about men / We ain't Wrong   
  Shortenin   Bread      
  Bread   and   Butter   
  Dierks   Bentley      
  What was   I   thinking   
  What was   i   thinkin   
  Kenny   Chesney       
  Who   you'd   be Today   
  Montgomery   Gentry      
  Hillbilly   Shoes      
  feet   don't   fail me now / Hillbilly Shoes   
  Toby keith   
  Wish   I   didn't know now   
  Ernes Tubb   
  Drivin   nails   in my coffin   
  The mavericks      
  Back in your   arms again   
  Travis Tritt   
  Southbound   train   
  Clickety   Clack   
  Vince Gill   
  One   more   last chance   
  Alicia's   Best   / Just One More Chance / One more Last Chance   
  Toby Keith   
  Drunk   and   be somebody   
  Happy   Hour   / Let's get drunk / Star of the Show   
  Josh   turner      
  Snap   crackle   & Pop / Firecracker   
  Johnny   Cash      
  Ballad   of   a teenage queen   
  Neal McCoy   
  Agua   Dulce   / Wink / Come dance with me /
  Lucky star Sway/ Where is the love